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Hazard Insurance Claims Process
Hazard Insurance Claims Process
Seterus uses NGLS Insurance Services, Inc. (NatGen) to assist homeowners in the event of loss or damage to property securing the loans that we service.

Once you have filed a claim with your homeowners insurance company and receive the claim check, contact NatGen at 866.454.8426 to initiate the next steps. Generally, the check should be payable to you and Seterus, and it may also include the name of the contractor performing the work on your property. NatGen will ask you to provide the following documentation in addition to a fully endorsed check:
  • Property Owner Contact Information Form, include each property owner’s current home and work contact numbers
  • Insurance adjustor’s worksheet provided by the homeowner’s insurance company
  • Signed contractor’s estimate from each contractor being used
  • Conditional Waiver of Lien for each contractor (NOTE: the dollar amounts from each Conditional Waiver of Lien form must be the same as the contractor’s estimate)
  • Substitute W-9 for each contractor
  • Contractor Affidavit for each contractor, signed and notarized
  • Repairs Affidavit signed by all property owners and notarized on the bottom portion
  • In the event of a total loss to your property, copies of permits and building plans (not originals)

Please visit NatGen’s website, www.propertyclaimcenter.com, to download forms. You’ll be asked to set up a general logon to access information and documentation about the claim process, or you may contact the NatGen Property Loss Team at 866.454.8426 to request a unique access code that will enable additional content related to your claim.

Send the completed forms/documentation and fully endorsed check to NatGen:
Upload completed forms: www.propertyclaimcenter.com
Send completed forms and fully endorsed check (regular mail): NatGen Property Loss Department, PO Box 52009, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2009
Send completed forms and fully endorsed check (overnight): NatGen Property Loss Department, 827 West Grove Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85210

Once the check and documentation are received, you can view the status of your claim at www.propertyclaimcenter.com. Once your claim is settled and NatGen receives the funds and documentation required to repair your property, you will receive information regarding how disbursements will be made based on the status of your loan.

NOTE: If you plan to make advance payments to a contractor out of pocket, please contact NatGen immediately for instructions.

All insurance claim funds that are not disbursed immediately will yield interest equivalent to a savings or money market account. The accumulated interest is paid to you once the repairs to the property have been completed, unless you request an earlier disbursement of the interest funds. Note that the owner of your loan prohibits the payment of fees out of insurance claim funds to a third party retained to assist with the recovery of those funds, such as a public adjuster you hire to represent your interests in a claim you may have pending with your insurance company. Those fees would be the sole obligation of the borrower.