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In the mortgage industry, hardship is defined as the reason why a homeowner is having difficulty making his or her mortgage payments, such as job loss, medical emergency, illness, divorce, etc. A hardship may be short term (less than six months) or long term (more than six months).

Unfortunately, in today’s economy, more and more people are experiencing a financial hardship and having difficulty paying their mortgage. If you find that you are struggling to meet your payments and concerned about falling behind, call us now—we’re here to help!

There may be multiple assistance options available to you if you are having difficulty paying your mortgage. Qualification depends on your financial situation and factors relating to your loan(s). For example, we may be able to modify the terms of your loan, potentially reducing your interest rate and thus your payment amount. If you are not able to keep your property, there may still be options available to you other than foreclosure, like selling your home for less than the balance owed or deeding your property to the loan owner, who may offer a cash relocation incentive and/or the possibility of a three- or twelve-month leaseback option at the current market rent rate.

Homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage payments are facing tough choices—do you stay in your home or should you transition out of a home to avoid foreclosure?